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Sat Oct 20 16:59:01 EDT 2007

"Daniel Espinosa" <esodan at> writes:
> Things like this is why is better to have a library doing the hardwork
> and allows the users to create it's interface, I don't know about
> Symbian, but GDA and GnomeDB have a porting to Maemo (Nokia N800 - I
> have one:) and that was in a relative short time, even Glom witch uses
> GDA, have one.
> Remember that a library based on GLib/GObject can be ported to
> different plattaforms with few changes: exists a lot of libraries
> ported to Windows included GDA.

You mean libraries like the engine and file backend?  :)

You seem to be implying that this isn't possible right now, but of course it
is.  In fact, the gnucash source code is pretty highly portable.  Taking just
a few pieces as libraries and building a smaller application would be
non-trivial, but possible.

GObject and GDA aren't the only solutions in the world, you know.

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