Latest CVS Changes to LibOFX

Martin Preuss aquamaniac at
Sat Oct 27 07:40:53 EDT 2007


I have just checked in some changes to the CVS repository of LibOFX:

* libofx.h, ofx_utilities.cpp: replaced some char* with "const char*" to make 
GCC happy, wrapped arithmetic calculations in macro definitions in brackets
to avoid problems
* libofx.h: Removed this file, replaced it with This is used to 
create libofx.h which now includes some subst variables conveying the version 
of LibOFX to source files. Introduced LIBOFX_BUILD_VERSION and 
LIBOFX_VERSION_RELEASE_STRING to distinguish even CVS versions.           
Added function libofx_set_dtd_dir() which allows to set the folder in which 
DTD files are stored. This is needed for local installations (e.g. WIN32)
* depending libraries don't need to link against OpenSP 
themselves, since LibOFX encapsulates it, no need to propagate unnecessary 

With these changes I was able to compile LibOFX for WIN32, so future versions 
of GnuCash may be shipped with a WIN32 which actually supports OFX Direct 
Connect on that platform, too :-)

However, you will need for GnuCash to adjust to AqBanking3 in order to benefit 
from the changes.


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