Building GnuCash on windows: missing

justus rufus justus.rufus at
Sun Oct 28 11:16:25 EDT 2007


Derek Atkins <warlord at> writes:
> hi,
> Please don't forget to CC the list on all replies...

I am sending this mail only to the list address
(gnucash-devel at Is that the right way?

> [snip]
> Okay... So if you run the '' from this working directory
> does it still fail?

I tried it all over again but it still fails. What I did:
- cd into c:\soft\
- "svn co downloads"
- copied my (just the QTDIR) to c:\soft\downloads
- copied some packages and directories from the last try to c:\soft\
 and c:\soft\downloads respectively (wget-1.9.1-mingwPORT.tar.bz2,, OpenSP-1.5.2.tar.gz, libofx-0.8.3.tar.gz,
gwenhywfar-2.6.2.tar.gz, ktoblzcheck-1.14.tar.gz) since the download
from source forge was not working and I did not want to install MSYS a
second time
- started MSYS
- "/c/soft/downloads/"
- when building AqBAnking did not succeed, even after some retries, I
copied the whole directory aqbanking from the last successful run to
- "/c/soft/downloads/"

When the build of GnuCash started I got the same message again: "...
/ No such file or directory".

When should these script be downloaded? Is that somewhere in the Or am I doing something wrong?


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