new html-acct-table patch [was Re: html-acct-table patch]

Andrew Sackville-West ajswest at
Wed Oct 31 15:18:31 EDT 2007

On Wed, Oct 31, 2007 at 01:34:57PM -0400, Mike Alexander wrote:

> I had started down the same path some time ago but never finished it. Here 
> is a patch that combines what I did with these changes.  The main 
> difference is to use a hash table instead of a list to save the account 
> balances.  This cuts another 11% or so off the time for my balance sheet 
> report.

sweet. thanks! I knew there had to be an existing data structure that
would handle it better than my little list, but it worked anyway, so I
stuck with it for the moment. Better to recurse through a little list
than a whole book of accounts, I figured. 

So thanks, I'll have to read up the scheme hash-tables.

> I also fixed a comment to balance the parens for editors that like balanced 
> parens but don't understand scheme syntax.

huh. I wonder if that accounts for a lot my white-space
changes... good catch.

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