Microsoft Vista Build Enviroment for GNUCash

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Fri Sep 7 00:39:13 EDT 2007

Hi Nathan,

I have jsut read through all the questions and the replies to these questions concerning compiling gnucash on Microsoft Vista.

I have reinstalled msys under a new directory using admin account.

I switched to user account Stephen to install build enviroment. now works. Thanks for your advice.

In I put




I changed GLOBAL_DIR because  the default dir is not available via a user account.

I used svn client to put packaging into msys's /home/stephen/GNUCash/Packaging which is 
Vista's C:\\Compile_GNUCash\\msys\\home\\Stephen\\GNUCash\\Packaging =>

./ /cu/users/public/GNUCash_Downloads/msysDTK-1.0.1.eze Permission denied.

Vista command prompt says

sh: ... Access is denied

Vista File Explorer ask for an admin password before it executes the file.

I have read the info file from Cygwin for bash and it suggests

to install bash debugger


to use a command in a *.sh file to give the same permissions it has to any child proccesses.

I have not tried either yet.

Yours Sincerely Stephen Grant brown

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  On 9/6/07, Stephen Grant Brown <s_g_brown at> wrote:
    Dear List Members,

    I wish to get GNUcash running under the Microsoft Vista operating system.

  nice :) I'd help out if I had vista around.

    It was running well under Microsoft XP on my old computer but I upgraded to a new computer with Vista and i have not been able to get it working since.

    The precompiled 2.2.1 executable runs very slowly under Vista. 

    I have downloaded and installed msys into C:\\soft\\msys and it works.

    I have used svn to put the packaging dir into C:\\soft\\msys\\home\\Stephen\\GNUCash\\Packaging

    In I changed the line to 

    set_default GLOBAL_DIR c:\\soft\\msys\\home\\Stephen\\GNUCash

  your GLOBAL_DIR should be the directory where msys is installed, so c:\\soft should have there a reason why you are changing it? 

    as I could not seem to do it via the file.

  To use, create a text file named with unix line endings in the same directory where you have (probably C:\\soft\\msys\\home\\Stephen\\GNUCash\\Packaging\\win32)

  Put the entries you would like to change in as follows: 


    What do I put in the file to change the GLOBAL_DIR value?

    I have been switching between an admin shell and user shell to install the build enviroment by running in the Packing directory specified above. When one shell bombed out the other worked a bit more. It has to do with Vista's User Access Control technology. 

    I have got down to installing autoconf by this butchering method.

    In doing so executable files have been going into 3 locations namely




  you seem to be having msys going into the able directory and to C:\\soft\\msys. This is due to your global_dir setting, as above - you probably shoudn't change global_dir. Try leaving all the directories as the default directories and see if that works. shouldn't be placing files around like that.

  I'm not sure if switching users is making vista give you more greif - you could try it all with the same user (admin or otherwise).

  Hope this helps, 

    I have used synch toy to keep this three directorys the same.

    How do I tell to put them all in the same directory?
    Any further suggestions as to what to do will be greatly appreciated. 

    Yours Sincerely Stephen Grant brown

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