Compiling gnucash 2.2.1 on openSuSe 10.2

John Sved john.sved at
Sun Sep 9 17:53:44 EDT 2007


I am really just a user of gnucash.  As I want to use the HBCI function
which is not included in the binary RPM for openSuSE 10.2   I am
reluctantly prepared to try to compile the source.  

Note:  I have been using HBCI via Moneyplex 2004 for the banking  and
Gnucash for the accounting.

The  aqbanking  2.2.3   from distro RPM   and  libqwenhwfar  2.6.1  from
downloaded RPM  are installed

First attempt to ./configure  reported no C compiler.   gcc41 was
quickly installed

Second attempt to ./configure --enable-hbci   reported it could not
find  glib >= 2.6   
Searching for such yielded nothing for openSuSE 10.2     Installed is
glib2  2.1.2

So if someone would like to walk me through it, we may find the
necessary pieces to actually compile gnucash 2.2.1 with HBCI on
opensSuSE 10.2 for others to follow and avoid wasting a lot of time.



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