GnuCash 2.2.x and advanced-report-sorted

Johan van Oostrum jo.vanoost at
Mon Sep 10 17:00:51 EDT 2007

In januari I posted a portfolio report for use with GnuCash 1.8.x.
Attached you find an updated version for use with GnuCash 2.2.x.

An option is added with which you can set the column the report is to  
be sorted.
I decided to name it advanced-portfolio-sorted to enable users to  
give it a try
without removing the original report. Slight drawback of this  
approach is that
one has to edit standard-reports.scm.

Note that the calculation of splits, used in the GC 2 Advanced  
Report, is not
(yet) incorporated in this version. This may result in total gain  
differing from
that reported in the Advanced Report.

To install the report (I use Fink and have the files located here:
* 1 * Copy the report code to advance-portfolio-sorted.scm
* 2 * Add the marked line in standard-reports.scm:
(use-modules (gnucash report advanced-portfolio))
(use-modules (gnucash report advanced-portfolio-sorted)) ;; this is the
new report
(use-modules (gnucash report average-balance))


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