gnucash on Vista

Stephen Grant brown s_g_brown at
Thu Sep 13 01:04:46 EDT 2007

Hi David,

I am attempting to load the build enviroment for gnucash under Vista.
I have having great difficulty doing it. See my other posts.
How do you disable all network interfaces under Vista?

Yours Sincerely Stephen Grant brown

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> David Parsons <parsons at> writes:
>> Gnucash does not work out of the box on Vista. As you can see from
>> this seems to be caused 
>> by
>> some sort of networking issue.  Disabling all network interfaces lets
>> gnucash work properly, but is obviously not a solution.  I suspect 
>> building
>> under Vista will not cure this problem.
>> Does anyone have any suggestions how to fix this?
> Have you checked the wiki?
> It's been discussed there.  I'd also suggest you read the list
> archives.  None of the developers have Vista.
> -derek
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