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Josh Sled jsled at
Thu Sep 13 09:09:51 EDT 2007

Anti Kutoja <antikutoja at> writes:
> I am really sorry to bother you with this, you must
> enough on your plates as it is, but I am at my wit's
> end and have not been able to find answers anywhere.

Did you search the mailing list?  Or basically look at the wiki?

> I downloaded and installed the docs but still no joy.

Did you install the gnucash-docs package?

When you contact your distro for support, what do they say?

> I then downloaded gnucash 2.2 and tried to build and
> install it myself.
> The ./configure fails saying it cannot find
> libgoffice-0.4, 0.3 and -1.
> I have in /opt/gnome/lib which
> is the same place as the libglade that configure does
> find.

You probably need to install -devel packages, such as goffice-devel; for all
the dependencies.  (Generally, configure looks for pkg-config control files
(.pc files), not the shared library itself.)

But, you should just install Rauch Christan's RPMs.
See <>.

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