Can't print a f@#*ing Report

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Thu Sep 13 10:26:02 EDT 2007

Lew <lew at> writes:

> Alison Smith wrote:
>> You know when i was put onto this i was seriously impressed, I've spent
>> hours and frigging hours inputing information but please explain why the
>> hell I cannot get anything to print except mirror image crap?????

Because Windows sucks?  I've never seen this problem on ANY linux

> Couldn't have said it better myself!
> I turned off advanced but still have to stand on my head and read reports in
> the mirror.
> Windows XP GnuCash 2.2.1 Cannon MP160.

The windows port is still new.  There are still bugs.  It's NOT the
main focus, and most of the developers don't do windows development
or, worse, don't really RUN the windows port at all.  Even worse, many
of these kinds of issues are extremely environment-specific.  So
tracking down why this is happening is hard unless a developer can
reproduce it, or unless the user community helps debugging.
Unfortunately yelling at the developers or belittling the amount of
effort it took the one-or-two devs to actually get the application
working on windows is not a constructive method to convince those one
or two devs to try to debug something that they can't reproduce

(note: I am NOT one of those devs; I don't do windows myself)


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