gnucash on Vista

David Parsons parsons at
Thu Sep 13 21:30:13 EDT 2007

Hi Stephen,
I'm keen to hear how you get on.  
To disable the network interfaces you need to go to "Control Panel\Network
Connections" and right click on each interface, choosing the "Disable"
option.  I have not investigated if all of them have to be disabled or just
the active ones.

I remember it was quite a pain getting the software to build properly under
XP, so I'm sure it will be a struggle under Vista.  Let me know if I can



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Hi David,

I am attempting to load the build enviroment for gnucash under Vista.
I have having great difficulty doing it. See my other posts.
How do you disable all network interfaces under Vista?

Yours Sincerely Stephen Grant brown

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> David Parsons <parsons at> writes:
>> Gnucash does not work out of the box on Vista. As you can see from
>> this seems to be caused 
>> by
>> some sort of networking issue.  Disabling all network interfaces lets
>> gnucash work properly, but is obviously not a solution.  I suspect 
>> building
>> under Vista will not cure this problem.
>> Does anyone have any suggestions how to fix this?
> Have you checked the wiki?
> It's been discussed there.  I'd also suggest you read the list
> archives.  None of the developers have Vista.
> -derek
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