price quotes for dates in the past

Greg Balls gregballs at
Fri Sep 14 16:44:38 EDT 2007

I've been wanting this feature for a while now and have started to
look into adding it.  There is currently no way to fetch prices for
dates in the past in the price editor.  I started by looking at the
gnc-fq-* scripts and it looks like the functionality could be added
fairly easily using the Finance::QuoteHist module.

Once I started poking around the gnucash code, though, I noticed that
there's already a start at this functionality coded up in
price-quotes.scm, but I'm not really sure what state it's in.  (I'm
not the most fluent in scheme/guile/whatever it is.)

So, is anyone actively working on this?  Is there an objection to
using the Finance::QuoteHist module?  Any other suggestions?


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