Fwd: Re: [gnucash-de] Software update wiki.gnucash.org

Marco Balmer maba-mailings-gnucash at micressor.ch
Fri Sep 14 08:15:53 EDT 2007

Am Fr, 14.09.2007, 13:36, schrieb Derek Atkins:
> Yes, I know.  The server itself is still running FC4.  I even mentioned
> on IRC yesterday that I need to try to find the time to update it to
> something more recent, like Fedora 7.  Unfortunately I'm about 1100
> miles from the server right now.  Maybe I can find a weekend in
> October or, more likely, November, when I can perform the update.
> Regardless, I'll still only be updating to whatever is distributed
> via Fedora, which currently appears to be mediawiki-1.9.3.

MediaWiki-1.9.3 is a stable and good release. I had it for a long time on
my productive environment. I had only a little problem with IPv6
connections, that's all.


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