GnuCash 2.2.x and advanced-report-sorted

Johan van Oostrum jo.vanoost at
Mon Sep 17 16:26:55 EDT 2007

Op 11-sep-2007, om 23:59 heeft Derek Atkins het volgende geschreven:

> Hi,
> A few comments..
> First, nice job, and thank you.
> Second..  you don't need to change the name of the report.  We  
> should keep
> the same name, even though you're adding a new function.  This way  
> people
> with existing report configuration will get the new report  
> functionality
> automagically.
I Agree, so its back to 'advanced-portfolio'.

> Third.. You should base the report on the one in 2.2.x (or SVN trunk),
> not 1.8.  1.8 is two major revisions behind and, well, there've been
> lots of changes and bugfixes that would get re-introduced by reverting
> to 1.8
Started out yesterday from the current SVN version.

> Fourth.. You should try to reduce the white-space changes; it makes
> your changes harder to read and audit.  Worst case you could just
> send in a diff ignoring white-space changes (see below).
Yeah, yeah, using DrScheme it gets obsessive-compulsive to re-indent  
the source in full though. :-)

> So far it looks pretty good...  Any chance you could make sure the
> report is based on 2.2 and send in a patch without whitespace changes?
> You can use "svn diff -x -b" to ignore white space changes.
My svn diff does not accept the -x -b switches (svn, version 1.3.2  
(r19776)   compiled Jun  5 2006, 13:13:11)
So created the (attached) diff as follows using GNU Diff (on Mac OS X  
svn diff --diff-cmd /usr/bin/diff -x "-b" -r 81:83 ~/Documents/svn/ 
my_gnucash_reports/branches/advanced-portfolio.scm > ~/Desktop/diff.txt
This results in  < and > indicator instead of the - and + as in svn  
diff. Hope this is ok too?

Testresults not solved / explained:
1. with no pricelist data, I expected the transaction price to be  
shown, which didn't. Original report behaviour is same. I guess I  
don't quite understand the txn pricing.
2. selecting price source "Most recent to report" results in "337:29:  
Wrong type to apply: #<unspecified>". Same in original report  
(322:25: Wrong type to apply: #<unspecified>)

That's it for now.
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> Thanks!
> -derek
> Quoting Johan van Oostrum <jo.vanoost at>:
>> Begin doorgestuurd bericht:
>>> Van: Johan van Oostrum <jo.vanoost at>
>>> Datum: 11 september 2007 22:42:35 GMT+02:00
>>> Aan: Derek Atkins <warlord at MIT.EDU>
>>> Onderwerp: Antw.: GnuCash 2.2.x and advanced-report-sorted
>>> Op 11-sep-2007, om 15:37 heeft Derek Atkins het volgende geschreven:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> What is the difference between this report and the existing
>>>> "advanced portfolio" report?
>>> Functional change: sortcolumn option added
>>> Code is (more or less) restructured to allow for easy use of sort
>>>> Would it be worthwhile to combine
>>>> them into a single report where the "sorting" part is just
>>>> a report option?  Or are the reports so significantly
>>>> different that merging them would be nearly impossible?
>>> Excellent suggestion. I created a (my first :-) svn diff today.
>>>> If you can combine them into a single report with an option
>>>> to add sorting, sending in a patch (svn diff) would be a good
>>>> way to get it applied to SVN for the next release....
>>> Attached you find the diff.
>>> Notes
>>> - name changed to advanced-portfolio-sorted
>>> - it is an update of the GnuCash 1.8.x advanced report, not the  
>>> new  report that is packed with GC 2.2.x.
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