World friendlier printable invoices

Bryan Cebuliak bryan.cebuliak at
Sun Sep 30 02:36:46 EDT 2007

Derek, I think I may have broken the internationalisation in the total
ex tax entry.e.g line 126 in invoice-flex.scm Please advise on how
translation may be incorporated here. I just now  learned what N_ and
_ mean sort of.
Please excuse my raw beginnership in Scheme and Gnucash coding.

On 9/29/07, Bryan Cebuliak <bryan.cebuliak at> wrote:
> Dear Derek,
> Attached please find replacements for invoice.scm easy-invoice.scm and
> fancy-invoice.scm.
> [The *-flex.scm files should be copied to their respective namesakes
> in the proper location.]
> The modifications include user editable invoice title name and tax
> name. The total column heading reflects what the column actually is:
> total minus tax. There is also a friendlier no invoice prompt included
> which I see you have already fixed.
> These additions in user input will make uptake of Gnucash more
> palatable at least for users in English speaking areas such as
> Australia and New Zealand where there are legal requirements for how
> an invoice must be presented.  They circumvent the workarounds
> mentioned here which are unrealistic for most small businesses:
> and will help the strugglers such as:
> Note for example in Canada GST is not included in the total price but
> in Australia and NZ it is. So, flexible column and subtotal tax names
> and clarity in what is included in the total is essential for world
> domination.
> Please try the files and if no problems are found add them to subversion.
> Perhaps the concepts in the program may inspire someone to make the
> Gnucash invoice even more translatable? Any suggestions?
> Cheers from your bleeding user,
> Bryan Cebuliak
> Brisbane Queensland

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