gda-dev2 r17071

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Wed Apr 9 12:30:33 EDT 2008

Quoting Charles Day <cedayiv at>:

>> If this is true then it's a bug.   "make install" should most certainly
>> update the installed copy of a .scm file.
> What seems to happen in my environment (Windows XP) is that initially all
> the .scm files get copied from the source repository (/c/soft/gnucash/repos)
> to the build tree (/c/soft/gnucash/build). Then 'make install' (actually
> on XP) copies them from the build tree to the install tree
> (/c/soft/gnucash/inst). However, if I update a .scm file in the repository,
> doing 'make' will not cause the updated version to get copied to the build
> tree, so 'make install' still installs the old version.
> Of course, if I blow away the build tree and start over, everything operates
> as expected but that takes too long. So I usually just manually install my
> updated .scm files and restart GnuCash.

AHHH!  Yes, the "Win32 doesn't support Symlinks" problem.   Arguably
on win32 we really should re-copy the scheme files on every make.

Sorry, I keep forgetting that you actually do real gnucash development
on Windows!  I keep thinking that all the devs use Linux. ;)

> -Charles


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