exe prefix on windows

C. Ernst c.ernst72 at googlemail.com
Wed Apr 16 16:31:56 EDT 2008


I am using two instances of Gnucash on Windows XP:
- My "productive System": the official 2.2.4. with the Windows installer
- the current svn development version in c:\soft\gnucash\inst, built by the
install.sh script

If I modify e.g. the file preferences.glade it is installed correctly to
However, if I start gnucash from c:\soft\gnucash\inst it reads the
preferences.glade file from c:\Programme\Gnucash.
In fact all pathes from gnc-path.c point to C:\Programme! But I want to have
c:\soft\gnucash\inst as prefix, when I start the c:\soft instance.

I guess this is because of binreloc.c (called via gnc_path_get_prefix),
which looks up the registry and finds the entries of the installed version.
How can I work with the development instance and the release version on one
XP machine (without copying files to c:\Programme)?


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