Getting GTK 2.10 features working

Arthur Knight Hammer arthur at
Thu Apr 17 07:50:17 EDT 2008

Greetings Friends:

I wish to start this letter with an expression of deep thanks to those who 
have developed Gnucash.  This is one of those rare programs that, because 
of need and philosophy, changed a life for the better.   For reasons some 
on this list will understand, I have been unable to use commercial 
operating system software offerings for many years, and my accounting had 
become unmanagable.  Then, at version 1.8, I found Gnucash, and it turned 
4 days of hell at tax time to a few pleasant hours, and made all things 
balanced and in order.  Many thanks.

I am trying to get right justification for the AMOUNT_WORDS field on my 
custom check (thank you for the improvements to custom check access!)  
I've searched the website and googled and can't find any comments about 

My coordinates originate from the upper left corner, just as the "Check 
Format Files" help says is a symptom of using GTK 2.10.

But I have been unable to get any response in the printouts to commands to 
justify.  I am assuming that the justification can only occur when the 
width/height parameter is used.  Thus, here is my definition:

Align_2 = right
Coords_2 = 350.0;136.0;300.0;15.0

I am also assuming that I have "GTK 2.10", which is one of several of the 
labyrinthine library systems that have challenging numbering even for mere 
geniuses, so here is what my SuSE 10.3 rpm says about GTK:


So, is the requirement gtk[2]  .10, or gtk[1.] 2.10, or gtk[blank] 2.10, or 
what?  As recent as this distro is, and looking at the numbering, it would 
seem that the actual requirement is library gtk2, version 2.10, and I 
publish the above examples to show that clarity in this area would be 
helpful in the help file.

Further, in the config.log (I compiled from source to try to get this 
working, version 2.2.4 (successfully compiling gnucash puts me in genius 
class, btw! LOL!)), it says:

#define HAVE_GTK_2_10 1

This has a space between GTK and the 2, which again suggests that perhaps I 
do not meet the requirement since I have GTK_1_2_10.  However, the 1 at 
the end of the #define I assume means TRUE (I have it)!


* What is the explicit requirement for GTK?
* Do I have it?  My coordinates map from the upper left corner ...
* If I do have it, I would appreciate help getting justification working. 
If I don't, I'll get it and compile again

* Full version numbering in documentation; shorthand can be vexing
* One small example of justification in the help file or in the check 
examples (AMOUNT_WORD is the ideal use) OR fill in the characters after 
the AMOUNT_WORD field with *** or some such.

Thank you for your assistance and for this important program.

Arthur Knight Hammer

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