Getting GTK 2.10 features working

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Thu Apr 17 09:56:36 EDT 2008


Quoting Arthur Knight Hammer <arthur at>:

> Align_2 = right
> Coords_2 = 350.0;136.0;300.0;15.0

Looking at the source code it looks like it's NOT looking for "Align_2"
but rather just looking for "Align".   Perhaps this is a bug?

> I am also assuming that I have "GTK 2.10", which is one of several of the
> labyrinthine library systems that have challenging numbering even for mere
> geniuses, so here is what my SuSE 10.3 rpm says about GTK:

It's really not challenging at all once you're familiar.  The format
is ALWAYS <package name>-<version>-<release> --- parsed from the RIGHT.
I.e., the package name can have dashes in it.  So try parsing the packages
that way:

> gtk-1.2.10-993
> gtk2-2.12.0-5.4
> gtk2-devel-2.12.0-5.4

Okay, so you have package "gtk" version 1.2.10, and you have package
"gtk2" version 2.12.0.  GTK1 and GTK2 can both happily co-exist on your
system, so you can ignore "gtk" because we don't use that.  The important
one is gtk2.  As you can see from the parsing you have version 2.12.0
which is >= 2.10.0.  So yes, you have the new 2.10 GtkPrint features.

The third package name is "gtk2-devel", which means you have the -devel,
or "development headers and libraries" package for gtk2, version 2.12.0
(release 5.4).  This means you can compile programs that use this version.

> So, is the requirement gtk[2]  .10, or gtk[1.] 2.10, or gtk[blank] 2.10, or
> what?  As recent as this distro is, and looking at the numbering, it would
> seem that the actual requirement is library gtk2, version 2.10, and I
> publish the above examples to show that clarity in this area would be
> helpful in the help file.

As mentioned above it's all about the version.  The requirement is
gtk[anything]-2.XX.YY where XX >= 10.   I suggest you read up a little
bit on RPM Package Naming, which is way off topic for this discussion.
These questions about package naming are like "RPM 101".

Further, in the config.log (I compiled from source to try to get this
> working, version 2.2.4 (successfully compiling gnucash puts me in genius
> class, btw! LOL!)), it says:
> #define HAVE_GTK_2_10 1
> This has a space between GTK and the 2, which again suggests that perhaps I
> do not meet the requirement since I have GTK_1_2_10.  However, the 1 at
> the end of the #define I assume means TRUE (I have it)!

You're thinking WAYY too hard about the problem.  The "HAVE_GTK_2_10"
is a name WE used, and has no relation to the names of the packages.
Yes, this means you have Gtk 2.10, which you do.

> Synopsis:
> * What is the explicit requirement for GTK?


> * Do I have it?  My coordinates map from the upper left corner ...


> * If I do have it, I would appreciate help getting justification working.
> If I don't, I'll get it and compile again

Try using "Align" instead of "Align_2" in your format.

> Suggestions:
> * Full version numbering in documentation; shorthand can be vexing

We DID use the full version numbering.  You just don't understand it,
which isn't our fault.

> * One small example of justification in the help file or in the check
> examples (AMOUNT_WORD is the ideal use) OR fill in the characters after
> the AMOUNT_WORD field with *** or some such.

Agreed.  Feel free to send in a patch for the documentation to add this!
(this IS the devel list, not the user list, so you're expected to be
more willing to contribute!)   ;-)

> Thank you for your assistance and for this important program.

You're welcome.

> Arthur Knight Hammer


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