File trashed by previous translator ?

Renato Moutinho rmsilva_br at
Sat Apr 19 11:49:02 EDT 2008

Hello folks,

     I'm preparing a bunch of fixes for portuguese translation and Inoticed that the file src/business/business-gnome/glade/billterm.gladehas a line with an XML tag with a newline and a portuguese word insideit. Here it is:

 805               <property name="visible">True</property>
 806               <property name="items" translatable="yes">Days
 807 Proximo</property>
 808               <property name="add_tearoffs">False</property>

This leaded to appearently "corrupted" lines under almost all .po files. For instance, we have in portuguese (specifically):

 1313 #: ../src/business/business-gnome/glade/
 1314 #, fuzzy
 1315 msgid ""
 1316 "Days\n"
 1317 "Proximo"
 1318 msgstr "Próximo"

The same thing happens in other po files. Take Swedish, for instance (sv.po):

 1278 #: ../src/business/business-gnome/glade/
 1279 #, fuzzy
 1280 msgid ""
 1281 "Days\n"
 1282 "Proximo"
 1283 msgstr "Proximo"
 1285 #: ../src/business/business-gnome/glade/
 1286 msgid "De_scription:"
 1287 msgstr "Be_skrivning:"

Now, since it looks like those .po files are generated (the referencementions files with .h extensions) I don't think changing the .gladefile and each of the .po files is the more efficient way to correct it.Am I right ? What's the best approach ?


Renato Moutinho

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