GDA missing records retest (long)

Phil Longstaff plongstaff at
Sat Apr 19 19:49:39 EDT 2008

Mark Johnson wrote:
> Now, the libgda project is busy on version 4, which no longer contains
> the GdaQuery object.  I don't expect much bug fixing of version 3, but
> it would be very much needed for gnucash.  I do not think that version 3
> is ready for prime time, given the number of bugs this project has found.
> The providers are also being redone.  Certainly, the PostgreSql provider
> is much more efficient.
> The API is still evolving (as witness the removal of GdaQuery).  There
> has been some discussion on the libgda mailing list of trying to get
> version 4 included with a release of gnome (2.26 I think it was).
> Any thoughts of moving to version 4?

Depending on timing, I might have to.  If v4 is close (I am also on the
libgda mailing list), I assume there won't be any more version 3.x
releases, so pushing for changes in v3 won't help.  Instead, they will
need to be in v4.  It might be worth it for me to port to v4 to find the
problems now, before they release.


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