1.8 data file crashes on 2.2.6

"Andreas Köhler" andi5.py at gmx.net
Fri Aug 1 08:34:37 EDT 2008

Hi Tim,

knndy5 at fuse.net wrote:
> Andreas Köhler <andi5.py at gmx.net> wrote: 
> > Interesting!
> > What encoding did you choose?
> > 
> > If you compiled GnuCash from source, does putting the g_iconv_close()
> > at line 591 into the if branch above change anything? Is iconv -1 at
> all?
> > You might want to play with g_warning() to output some stuff, if you
> have
> > problems setting a breakpoint, which can be tricky indeed[1].
> I didn't build from source but instead used the windows binary from
> http://downloads.sourceforge.net/gnucash/gnucash-2.2.6-setup.exe?modtime=1217496210&big_mirror=1


I misread the code that failed and now I see that there has not been showed a dialog
to choose the encoding from for you.
So my next question addresses your locale
(http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Windows#Determining_the_locale) :-)

-- andi5

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