Translating Tip of the Day-section of the Help Manual (en->de)

Christian Stimming stimming at
Tue Aug 5 02:10:53 EDT 2008

Am Montag, 4. August 2008 20:22 schrieb Niklas Spille:
> Hello :) I just fixed up a quick translation of the german help manual's
> section on the tip of the day, as found here:
> (no, I do not know who to talk to and no, I do not know if this is the
> right place. In the long run, though, I'd like to contribute to the
> german translation of GnuCash)

Committed to our SVN, r17455, thanks a lot.

for additional explanation on how this would work in the long run. We're 
happy for any contribution in this area! Thank you very much.



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