compiling 2.2.6 with aqbanking 3 for windows

Andreas Köhler at
Fri Aug 8 03:30:31 EDT 2008


On So, 2008-08-03 at 17:45 -0400, Nathan Buchanan wrote:
> Hi Shawn,
> On Fri, Aug 1, 2008 at 10:30 PM, Faucher <faucher at> wrote:
> > Hello all,
> >
> > I maintain the GnuCash Portable package on  I'm excited
> > to
> > see with this release that aqbanking 3 is supported, since it no longer
> > requires admin access to the registry (HKLM) and is thus much more
> > portable.  Unfortunately I see that the windows release of 2.2.6 is still
> > built with aqbanking 2.
> >
> > Is anyone working on adding the option for aqbanking 3 to the windows build
> > scripts?  I'm taking a crack at doing it manually but I'm sure someone more
> > familiar with the scripts would probably do a better job.
> I think Andreas might have some pieces of it, but other than that, I don't
> believe anyone is actively working on it. It is on my ever-extending todo
> list, though.

yes, I have some pieces, but stopped because 'make check' in gwenhywfar
simply failed with gnutls.  One might want to ignore that for a while
and continue creating the other inst_ functions.  Shawn, if you want to
take a look at that, please consider working within our scripting
framework.  That will reduce the work a lot needed to incorporate your
results into the project.  I think the scripts are not that complicated,
basically all we need are at least functions inst_libgmp, inst_gnutls,
inst_gwenhywfar3 and inst_aqbanking3 that work together seamlessly.

Maybe the attachments help you a tiny bit.

If you have problems, do not hesitate to ask :-)

Personally, I am bit slow with emails right now though.

-- andi5

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set_default GMP_URL ""
set_default GMP_DIR $GLOBAL_DIR\\gmp

register_env_var GMP_CPPFLAGS " "
register_env_var GMP_LDFLAGS " "

function inst_gmp() {
    setup GMP
    _GMP_WFSDIR=`win_fs_path $GMP_DIR`
    _GMP_UDIR=`unix_path $GMP_DIR`
    add_to_env -I$_GMP_UDIR/include GMP_CPPFLAGS
    add_to_env -L$_GMP_UDIR/lib GMP_LDFLAGS
    add_to_env $_GMP_UDIR/bin PATH
    if quiet ${LD} $GMP_LDFLAGS -lgmp -o $TMP_UDIR/ofile
        echo "gmp already installed.  skipping."
        wget_unpacked $GMP_URL $DOWNLOAD_DIR $TMP_DIR
        qpushd $TMP_UDIR/gmp-*
            ./configure \
                ${HOST_XCOMPILE} --prefix=${_GMP_UDIR} ABI=32 \
                --disable-static --enable-shared
            make check
            make install
    quiet ${LD} $GMP_LDFLAGS -lgmp -o $TMP_UDIR/ofile || die "gmp not installed correctly"

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set_default GNUTLS_URL ""
set_default GNUTLS_DIR $GLOBAL_DIR\\gnutls

register_env_var GNUTLS_CPPFLAGS " "
register_env_var GNUTLS_LDFLAGS " "

function inst_gnutls() {
    setup GnuTLS
    _GNUTLS_UDIR=`unix_path $GNUTLS_DIR`
    add_to_env -I$_GNUTLS_UDIR/include GNUTLS_CPPFLAGS
    add_to_env -L$_GNUTLS_UDIR/lib GNUTLS_LDFLAGS
    add_to_env $_GNUTLS_UDIR/bin PATH
    if quiet ${LD} $GNUTLS_LDFLAGS -lgnutls -o $TMP_UDIR/ofile
        echo "gnutls already installed.  skipping."
        mkdir -p $_GNUTLS_UDIR
        wget_unpacked $GNUTLS_URL $DOWNLOAD_DIR $GNUTLS_DIR
        rm $_GNUTLS_UDIR/lib/*.la
        quiet ${LD} $GNUTLS_LDFLAGS -lgnutls -o $TMP_UDIR/ofile || die "gnutls not installed correctly"

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