Polish translation updates

Tomasz Nowak nowak2000 at poczta.onet.pl
Mon Aug 11 17:12:46 EDT 2008

Dnia 2008-08-09, sob o godzinie 14:38 +0200, Christian Stimming pisze:
> Applied to SVN, 2.2-branch. Thanks a lot! These will be included in the next 
> stable release (probably 2.2.7, due in several weeks or months) and any 
> further release.

please forgive me sending partial updates, I did some more translations
the for Polish version. 

I have also a suggestion concerning two messages displayed in GnuCash.
When you open an account in read-only mode you get a notice with two
checkboxes described like this:

#: ../src/gnome-utils/dialog-utils.c:958
msgid "Remember and don't _ask me again."

#: ../src/gnome-utils/dialog-utils.c:962
msgid "Remember and don't ask me again this _session."

I think these messages may be confusing - there is nothing to remember,
because the only button is Close. I suggest using something simpler like
"Don't remind me anymore (this session)".

Please find attached gzipped patch for po/pl.po.

Best regards,
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