Polish translation updates

Christian Stimming stimming at tuhh.de
Tue Aug 12 15:22:52 EDT 2008

Am Montag, 11. August 2008 23:12 schrieb Tomasz Nowak:
> please forgive me sending partial updates, I did some more translations
> the for Polish version.

No problem. Committed to SVN. Thanks a lot!

One minor issue: The po file header has the field PO-Revision-Date. In this 
particular contribution, you didn't update that field, in contrast to your 
previous contribution where you correctly updated the date. This 
PO-Revision-Date is pretty much the only meaningful field to distinguish a 
newer from an older translation. Hence I would kindly ask to remember 
updating this before sending in any contribution. Thank you in advance.

> I have also a suggestion concerning two messages displayed in GnuCash.
> When you open an account in read-only mode you get a notice with two
> checkboxes described like this:
> #: ../src/gnome-utils/dialog-utils.c:958
> msgid "Remember and don't _ask me again."
> #: ../src/gnome-utils/dialog-utils.c:962
> msgid "Remember and don't ask me again this _session."
> I think these messages may be confusing - there is nothing to remember,
> because the only button is Close. I suggest using something simpler like
> "Don't remind me anymore (this session)".

I'm not so sure. Isn't this text string used for various other dialogs as well 
where more than one button exists? In that case, changing the text to a less 
confusion wording would require a bit more programming overhead. Maybe file a 
bugzilla entry for this? But I have no idea about the details here.



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