Reconcile Window: Date widget broken?

Charles Day cedayiv at
Tue Aug 12 12:53:54 EDT 2008

On Mon, Aug 11, 2008 at 10:35 PM, David T. <sunfish62 at> wrote:

> Let's take the different pieces of this:
> 1) I updated to 2.2.6 using Fink.
> 2) fink list gtk yields:
> ...
> i   gtk+             1.2.10-51    The Gimp Toolkit
> ...
> 3) The trouble listed in that bug describes my situation exactly, but has
> nothing to do with Windows, since I am using OS X.

Sorry, looks like I missed that the first time! One difference is that
Windows users only see the 1st of the month, whereas you see today's date.

> I don't know whether the fix Charles mentioned will fix this as well.

Perhaps you could you try it out? Unfortunately I don't have a Mac to test
on. If this stems from the same underlying problem, I would guess that the
reason you and Dave see different behavior would be due to a library
difference, maybe in the one that implements localtime() or perhaps a
GTK-related library.

> David

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