Translation of tips of the day

Cristian Marchi cri79 at
Wed Aug 20 07:01:09 EDT 2008

I'm working on the updated Italian translation of the program and I'm 
using Gnucash 2.2.6 r17457M. I noticed that I can't make the program 
show two Tips of the day in Italian; they only show in English whatever 
I write in the it.po file. Other tip of the day works fine.
The two tips are these as taken from po file:

#: ../doc/
msgid ""
"There is a theory that if ever anyone discovers what the Universe is 
for and "
"why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced with 
something "
"even more bizarre and inexplicable. There is another theory that this has "
"already happened. Douglas Adams, \"The Restaurant at the End of the 

#: ../doc/
msgid ""
"To raise the accounts menu in the transfer field of a register page, 
press "
"the Menu key or the Ctrl-Down key combination."

Can you tell me what is wrong?

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