Reports, Font Size, etc.

jkdalskog jkdalskog at
Thu Aug 28 02:59:01 EDT 2008

When I print a report, and have reduced the font size to 6 or 8, the 
type size in the report on the screen does not change, and the printed 
report is still with large print. Trying to fit the report on the Letter 
sized page, I change it from Portrait to Landscape, and it prints in 
that format, but the size of the printed area (with large print still) 
is still 8 1/2", not 11", with the numerical display (Amount, Balance) 
not present. I have re-booted after making the changes (as in Windows), 
but to no avail. I am using the latest version - 2.2.4, but this 
problem, that was present in earlier versions, is still there.
Karl Dalskog
jkdalskog at

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