Bounty: Attachments to transactions

Ian Turner vectro at
Thu Aug 28 10:43:10 EDT 2008

Hello list,

This e-mail is a solicitation of an offer to do work on GnuCash in exchange 
for payment.

In some countries (incl. USA), you need to keep records proving the existence 
of various transactions for tax purposes; for example, if you take a client 
out to lunch, you need a receipt that shows you actually went to a restaurant 
on that date. At present, there is no way to track these receipts 
electronically in GnuCash; I'd like such a feature.

From my perspective, the most effective way to do this would be to provide a 
facility to attach files to transactions (or even to splits) via a 
drag-and-drop interface. Drag-and-drop data comes with a MIME type, so you 
can just store it as a binary object. If the drag-and-drop metaphor is used, 
it should be possible to drag object outs of gnucash transactions, or to 
double-click them (presumably for execution by the desktop manager).

Proposals or commentary are welcome; if you're interested in doing this work, 
please let me know your preferred approach, credentials, and how much 
compensation you'd expect.


--Ian Turner

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