GDA: trouble with MySql

Mark Johnson mrj001 at
Wed Feb 6 04:15:13 EST 2008

Mark Johnson wrote:
> Changing lines 114 & 115 of gnc-backend-gda.c to:
> gchar* username = NULL;
> gchar* password = NULL;
> has helped. The error message is no longer displayed. And gnucash 
> appears to be saving my test data to MySql. I am not sure this is the 
> best fix because there are three different possibilities for supplying 
> the username and password, and I expect different users to do it 
> differently. Certainly, something better needs to be done around the 
> username/password for the db.
This is successfully connecting to MySql now. I have confirmed that it 
has saved the data.

Additionally, I was puzzled before by the PostgreSQL connection being 
always by the user postgres. This seems to have been because I have a 
.pgpass file that allowed this to happen. I suspect the PostgreSQL 
connection would have failed too without the .pgpass file. Now, it 
initially connects as user postgres (not sure why) and later uses the 
user which owns the db, and is specified in the connection.


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