testing the book zeroing code (maybe for backport?)

Tim Wunder tim at thewunders.org
Wed Feb 6 11:22:52 EST 2008

On Wednesday 06 February 2008 11:08:05 am David Reiser wrote:
> Is there a convenient way to count total transactions? I have about
> 100 expense accounts and 20 income accounts with a 16MB uncompressed
> data file, and it took just over 4 minutes to close my books as of
> today for about 3 years worth of transactions. Mac OS X 10.5, ppc G5
> chip, svn r16781

You can try:
zcat $DATAFILE |grep -c "act:name"
for the accounts 
substitute 'grep -c "trn:desc"' to get the number of transactions.

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