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Davide Imbeni davide.imbeni at
Thu Feb 7 12:32:15 EST 2008

Thanks for your indications.
I will start to work on it and report as soon as I have something ready, or
(more likely) additional doubts.
As I said, I will first have to learn A LOT, so don't expect fast patches...

Thank you


On Feb 7, 2008 6:08 PM, Josh Sled <jsled at> wrote:

> "Davide Imbeni" <davide.imbeni at> writes:
> > I would like to change slightly the appearance of the plots in bar-chart
> > reports.
> > As it is now it's a bit difficult to get an idea of the level of the
> bars (a
> > part from the first one on the left), so I would like to add a grid to
> the
> > plot or, even better, have the actual numeric values visible (e.g. when
> > clicking on the corresponding bar, or when pointing it without clicking,
> or
> > even as a label close to it)
> These things would be provided by modifying how we call libgoffice, which
> provides the actual plotting.  The primary binding code between gnucash
> and
> goffice is in src/gnome-utils/gnc-html-graph-gog.c.
> The interface between the reports and that code is through a couple of
> levels…
> The report (scm code) will emit an <object> tag with <param> tags for the
> various parameters.  See src/report/report-system/html-barchart.scm.
> GtkHtml is configured for <object> tags (with a particular class-id) to be
> handled by the aforementioned gnc-html-graph-gog code.  It then parses the
> params/data, and converts it into goffice's interface, and renders the
> report
> into a pixmap.  The pixmap is then returned to GtkHtml as the rendering of
> the <object> tag.
> > I don't know anything about scheme, guile, and extremely little about
> html,
> > and before continuing my research, I would like to get directions and
> > suggestions from the experts.
> >
> > Where to start from? Do I have to dig into scheme? Shall I create a
> custom
> > report or change something in the stylesheet?
> - Make sure you know what's supported by goffice, and the details of what
> it
>  needs (for, say, labels on chart segments).
> - Modify the pie/bar-chart generator code for those new parameters.
> - Modify the gnc-html-graph-gog code for those new parameters.
> - Modify the reports to use the new pie/bar-chart generator code.
> We're here and happy to help if you have any questions.
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> ...jsled
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