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Sat Feb 9 07:31:42 EST 2008

Hi ,

Am Freitag, den 08.02.2008, 20:52 -0500 schrieb Nathan Buchanan:
>                 3. Did you specify c:\soft\mingw = $GLOBAL_DIR\mingw =
>                 $MINGW_DIR as
>                 directory of an installed mingw installation?  Just
>                 ignore the warnings
>                 the dialog gives you about w32api.h :-)
> Maybe I'm being a bit thick here...but where does $MINGW_DIR come into
> the picture? I thought the process was: install QT (with mingwm10.dll)
> --> generate gnucash.iss (using QTDIR to specify path to mingwm10.dll)
> --> have Inno package c:/qt/4.2.3/bin\mingwm10.dll

hm, I meant while installing QT.  The installer includes a wizard page
asking about either downloading mingw or using an existing installation.

I am sorry for concealing important information again :-D

-- andi5

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