GDA: empty PostgreSQL table failed workaround

Greg Troxel gdt at
Wed Feb 13 14:29:23 EST 2008

  Saving to the db deletes all tables and then recreates them.  It 
  therefore deleted the slot_id without the default value.  It wouldn't 
  have touched the sequence.  I'll need to build your workaround into a 
  rev and then let you try it.  There's also an argument to be made that I 
  should create some test cases and set up automated tests for sqlite, 
  mysql and psql.  Maybe once I'm over these initial hurdles and some 
  people are working with the code.

I'm a gnucash newbie still, but the notion of 'saving' to a database and
deleting all the tables seems very odd to me.  I would think that
database backends had two nice features over files:

  can be remote

  allow multiple people to edit transactions etc. at once, with proper locking.

So I'd expect there to be not such a notion of saving, and having
changes be propagated as they are made.

If the database is modifed by delete-restore, then I would hope that's
wrapped in a transaction.

Sorry if this sounds critical and out of left field - but I was totally
surprised by the comment.

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