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Josh Sled jsled at
Fri Feb 15 11:07:57 EST 2008

"Davide Imbeni" <davide.imbeni at> writes:
> I will just report what I found so far on the subject, after some
> digging and a lot of learning, and why I think I will now suspend
> further investigations.

This is unfortunate (especially after your very good looking initial patch),
but thanks for the followup! :)

> One additional question: I found hardly any documentation on the
> goffice library, and got the impression it is only used by gnucash and
> gnumeric. Have other alternatives been considered? Which could they
> be, and why have they been discarded (apart from backwards
> compatibility / least effort )?

Not really.  Guppi was known "dead", and Gnumeric was already doing graphing.
Since we already share dependencies, &c, it seemed low-impact to use goffice,
which was known to work (having proved itself in gnumeric) and would easily
slot into a gtk environment…

Care to suggest an alternative?  One that I've seen before is Grace¹, but I
didn't really look into it too deeply.


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