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Emmanuel Pacaud emmanuel.pacaud at
Sun Feb 17 04:45:39 EST 2008


As one of the goffice developers, I'm keeping an eye on the gnucash list. 
But you should try to discuss directly with us when some feature are 
missing in goffice for the gnucash use.

There isn't any goffice mailing list, but you can use the gnumeric one. 
Or try to reach jean, jody, gmorten or me on the #gnumeric channel on 

Le Fri, 15 Feb 2008 17:00:50 +0100, Davide Imbeni a écrit :
> (A) background grids
> (B) value of the bar appears when you click on it (C) value of the bar
> appears when you hover on it with the mouse
> In my opinion, (B) and (C) would improve piechart report as well.
> (A) is supported by goffice, and straightforward to implement (I
> submitted a patch, kindly corrected by Timothy Janssen) and should now
> be ready.
> (B) is not new (see
> and ). As far as I can
> understand, there still is no easy way to implement it in goffice, at
> least not easy enough for me. (C) seems even more difficult (tooltips
> exist in GtkWidgtes, but I have no clue how to attach them to each bar
> in a goffice plot, if it is possible at all...)

There's an initial support for graph item selection in goffice, which is 
used by the graph guru (the one that is used by gnumeric).

It's probably incomplete for your use, but that can be improved. Just 
create a new goffice bug report, and tell us what you exactly want.
> One additional question: I found hardly any documentation on the goffice
> library, and got the impression it is only used by gnucash and gnumeric.

"Only" used by gnumeric is already a significant use...

> Have other alternatives been considered? Which could they be, and why
> have they been discarded (apart from backwards compatibility / least
> effort )?

There's plenty of others plotting libraries around, but if you're looking 
for a plotting library that supports a significant number of chart types, 
has PDF, SVG, PS, EPS and image export facility, has a user interface for 
the configuration of the chart layout/appearence, a XML persistence and 
is actively developped, I think goffice is not a bad choice.


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