GDA save missing records

Mark Johnson mrj001 at
Fri Feb 15 23:50:55 EST 2008

Mark Johnson wrote:
> This appears to be separate from the SERIAL problem of libgda's 
> PostgreSQL provider as PostgreSQL has the highest number of splits.  
> (Most complete?  Are there duplicates?)
Oops, no it doesn't have the highest number of splits.  It is three less 
than MySql.  Naturally, I should not expect duplicate records - the 
primary key should prevent this.

By comparing the splits in the PostgreSQL DB to the MySQL DB, I found 
that three were missing from the PostgreSQL copy.  By searching the 
PostgreSQL log file for errors inserting those guids, I found that, in 
all three instances, I had entered text for the memo field that was 
longer than the 50 characters allowed (by the DB schema).  PostgreSQL 
responded by refusing to enter that record.  MySQL simply truncated the 

So how many characters are allowed in a memo field?

MySql and PostgreSQL had identical lists of account guids and 
transaction guids.

It will take more effort to find out why things are missing in SQLite as 
I am not aware of any error log files.


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