GDA save missing records

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Sun Feb 17 12:27:11 EST 2008

Mark Johnson <mrj001 at> writes:

> Mark Johnson wrote:
>> This appears to be separate from the SERIAL problem of libgda's 
>> PostgreSQL provider as PostgreSQL has the highest number of splits.  
>> (Most complete?  Are there duplicates?)
> Oops, no it doesn't have the highest number of splits.  It is three less 
> than MySql.  Naturally, I should not expect duplicate records - the 
> primary key should prevent this.
> By comparing the splits in the PostgreSQL DB to the MySQL DB, I found 
> that three were missing from the PostgreSQL copy.  By searching the 
> PostgreSQL log file for errors inserting those guids, I found that, in 
> all three instances, I had entered text for the memo field that was 
> longer than the 50 characters allowed (by the DB schema).  PostgreSQL 
> responded by refusing to enter that record.  MySQL simply truncated the 
> data.
> So how many characters are allowed in a memo field?

All text fields are "unlimited".  This includes the description, the
memo, the action, the number column, etc.

> MySql and PostgreSQL had identical lists of account guids and 
> transaction guids.
> It will take more effort to find out why things are missing in SQLite as 
> I am not aware of any error log files.
> Mark


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