Feature request from German list: Disable editing of transactions

Thilo Pfennig tp at pfennigsolutions.de
Sat Feb 16 05:07:38 EST 2008

Am Sat, 16 Feb 2008 09:18:03 +0100
schrieb Christian Stimming <stimming at tuhh.de>:

> Makes sense, but do you have any ideas how such a per-account setting
> can be implemented in the GUI? Currently, all per-account settings
> can be set in the "Edit Account" dialog. However, a setting "Make
> this an inalterable account" shouldn't be allowed to be disabled
> again in the GUI, as this would make the whole setting moot. Do you
> think the "Edit Account" dialog should get a button to enable that
> behaviour? Or do you think this should somehow show up in the "Create
> New File" wizard? Both would require GUI actions of a kind that are
> not yet implemented there. 

Create New file wizard. Its very unlikely that people want to change
this behaviour - and I wouldnt call it unalterable. I think the
difference is that every editing must be displayed and be formally
correct. its more that that entries that are made shouldnt be

How this is solved under the hood is another question. 

> Also, from an implementation point of view it's not clear to me which
> kind of editing should be allowed for transactions that contain one
> split in an inalterable account and another one in an editable
> account. Some fields like the transaction date are a per-transaction
> field (as opposed to per-split) - should those fields be allowed to
> be edited or not?

I think from the acounting perspective every entry consists on som
field like the date, the accounts, some text,... I also dont think a
mix of inalterable accounts and alterable accounts makes much sense
because every entry has two ends, so if one end is inalterable the
other one has to be, too.

I have the strong feeling that different views would help. So that one
can look at all without correcting entries. My guess is that it would
be better if all new files where made in the same way but that the view
could be changed (default view / strict accounting view or so).


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