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One prior thought: Would it maybe make sense to save some values rather
in /etc/gnucash/ somewhere instead of having them hardcoded?

> I've had a few looks at that code myself in preparing fixes to the QIF
> importer. It looks like it's in need of a more substantial rewrite to
> use GUID's, for example. Another problem: with the stock exchanges
> being hard coded, they are also stuck in English (such as "FUND").

One thing that I  asked myself if it would make sense to use  a
more general notation internally.

I like to suggest that GnuCash should know what notation it uses.


( )
, ISO 6166
 * CUSIP  ( )
 * WKN ( ), only used
in Germany
* Ticker Symbol ( )

I suggest that one could check the identifiers if they are formally ok,
so that the user who outs in one would  get a "this cant be a real
idnetifier". Maybe this can eb doen my some perl module, also?

I understand that somebody needs to invest more time in this. But just
let me add some ideas on how an interface could/should work ideally.
maybe somebody gets interested in trying:

Adding a stock could be more natural and use more of the features we
know as live search.

So I would suggest when somebody is adding a new sub account beneath
"stocks" the nicest things would if he:

 1. Gets a dialogue that asks him what the name of the stock is. Maybe
we can use some intelligent search that could identify and cache some
symbols. Or if not live search let the user type in something like:
"Red Hat" or "RHAT".
 2. Maybe let user define where his stock should be available. The user
also could define where identifiers are looked up or where not. Have
some good defaults
 3. He gets some results and selects the stock he wants to add.
 4. He then can add some course data
 5. Then the account is created with all the needed data. Maybe the
account name gets a unique identifier internally rather than a name
chose by the user. The account number could be ISIN, maybe?

Ans the next time the user wants to add a stock (maybe he even gets the
choice to add a lot of accounts in one go) he gets some defaults.


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