Setting date range in reports

Al Hawley alfredhawley at
Wed Feb 20 21:45:49 EST 2008

I am running version 2.2.1 of gnucash as installed from the PCLinuxOS 
repository. There was no gnucash-docs file installed and none in the 
repository, so I came to to consult the help 
manual there. I found the following entry there, and also in the help 
manual in an older system which is running gnucash 2.0.5:
"5.4.3. To Customize Reports and Graphs

GnuCash reports have many options for customization. To access report 
options choose the Options button on the toolbar."

There is no button named "Options" that I can find on the toolbar of 
either version.

I looked at edit->preferences->"Accounting Period" to find where date 
ranges can be set. Changing the ranges here had no visible effect on the 
date ranges in several reports that I used for testing.

I am sorry if the problem is simply my bad comprehension, but perhaps 
others might have a similar problem trying to find the place to 
configure the date range for a report to use.  I am unable to tackle the 
task of correcting source and then compiling and installing it.
Regards and thanks for a great accounting package..
Al Hawley

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