Setting date range in reports

Mike or Penny Novack stepbystepfarm at
Thu Feb 21 08:20:48 EST 2008

    The problem is unclear documentation? I put it that way because 
obviously not adequate to get you to the right spot.

    That's not "customization" and it is via "options" that you get to 
set things each time you run a report -- things like the date range, 
what subtotals you want to see, whether zero balance accounts are 
included, etc. But apparently you weren't helped to find the RIGHT 

FIRST you run the desired report (balance sheet, income/expense 
statement, whatever)

NOW look at the "Edit" pull down menu and you should see a sub menu for 
"Report Options". You use that to CHANGE the settings which apply to the 
open report and each time you OK/apply the change the report is altered 
according to what you just specified. When you are done, export/save the 
report (what I do).

    I can't tell you how I figured out what to do, whether this was 
something I learned going through the tutorial or via help when in the 
context of creating a report or whether looking around and seeing hmmmm 
"report options -- maybe that will do what I want". Was half a year ago.


>I am running version 2.2.1 of gnucash as installed from the PCLinuxOS 
>repository. There was no gnucash-docs file installed and none in the 
>repository, so I came to to consult the help 
>manual there. I found the following entry there, and also in the help 
>manual in an older system which is running gnucash 2.0.5:
>"5.4.3. To Customize Reports and Graphs
>GnuCash reports have many options for customization. To access report 
>options choose the Options button on the toolbar."
>There is no button named "Options" that I can find on the toolbar of 
>either version.
>I looked at edit->preferences->"Accounting Period" to find where date 
>ranges can be set. Changing the ranges here had no visible effect on the 
>date ranges in several reports that I used for testing.
>I am sorry if the problem is simply my bad comprehension, but perhaps 
>others might have a similar problem trying to find the place to 
>configure the date range for a report to use.  I am unable to tackle the 
>task of correcting source and then compiling and installing it.
>Regards and thanks for a great accounting package..
>Al Hawley

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