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David Reiser dbreiser at
Fri Feb 22 14:49:42 EST 2008

On Feb 22, 2008, at 1:30 PM, don Paolo Benvenuto wrote:

> Hi guys!
> I'm using a palm with palmos (treo 680) as my pda.
> Anyone knows how can I make it interoperate with gnucash?
> thank you!
> --  
> don Paolo Benvenuto

I don't think you'll find a solution that allows full synchronization.

What I use on my palm while traveling is pocketmoney ( 

When you sync the palm with the base computer, pocketmoney's conduit  
can be told to update a qif file on the desktop. Then you can import  
that qif into gnucash. The conduit only writes new transactions to the  
qif, so if you remember (or write a script) to delete the qif after  
importing, you won't have to deal with any duplicates.

When I first set up pocketmoney, I did do an Export accounts from  
gnucash, then did gnucash2qif on the account list, and imported that  
list into pocketmoney. But I wouldn't want to have to try to go both  
directions with a full data set.

pocketmoney is now available for the iphone (jailbroken), and I expect  
it to be one of the first apps available when Apple releases their SDK.

PM does cost money, but it has been well supported for many years, and  
looks like it will continue to be.

David Reiser
dbreiser at

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