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don Paolo Benvenuto donpaolo at
Fri Feb 22 15:36:45 EST 2008

ok, I donwload PocketMoney-IT.prc, but after that?

How do I install in the treo?

Il giorno ven, 22/02/2008 alle 14.49 -0500, David Reiser ha scritto:
> On Feb 22, 2008, at 1:30 PM, don Paolo Benvenuto wrote:
> > Hi guys!
> >
> > I'm using a palm with palmos (treo 680) as my pda.
> >
> > Anyone knows how can I make it interoperate with gnucash?
> >
> > thank you!
> >
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> > don Paolo Benvenuto
> I don't think you'll find a solution that allows full synchronization.
> What I use on my palm while traveling is pocketmoney ( 
>   ).
> When you sync the palm with the base computer, pocketmoney's conduit  
> can be told to update a qif file on the desktop. Then you can import  
> that qif into gnucash. The conduit only writes new transactions to the  
> qif, so if you remember (or write a script) to delete the qif after  
> importing, you won't have to deal with any duplicates.
> When I first set up pocketmoney, I did do an Export accounts from  
> gnucash, then did gnucash2qif on the account list, and imported that  
> list into pocketmoney. But I wouldn't want to have to try to go both  
> directions with a full data set.
> pocketmoney is now available for the iphone (jailbroken), and I expect  
> it to be one of the first apps available when Apple releases their SDK.
> PM does cost money, but it has been well supported for many years, and  
> looks like it will continue to be.
> Dave
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