GDA spurious save dialog

Mark Johnson mrj001 at
Thu Feb 28 22:42:44 EST 2008

I see from the ChangeLogs and message traffic that the issues arising 
from the missing SQL records have been dealt with.

I have patched and compiled libgda 3.0.2 with the following two patches:
1. Escaping of single quotes in strings is corrected.
2. the patch for the PostgreSQL provider returning "INSERT 0 1" on a 
successful insert.

The svn log indicates that gnucash-gda no longer adds AUTO_INCREMENT 
fields to make a primary key.  Therefore, the PostgreSQL SERIAL problem 
should no longer be an issue for this project.

Phil has expanded the varchar fields to accomodate longer, but still 
limited strings.

All the above makes it time to repeat my test of saving my data to the 
three DBs.  So, as before, I opened three copies of gnucash, loaded 3 
duplicate copies of my data, and saved to 3 different DBs.  The next 
part is different from my previous test.  Due to the day of the month, 
many of my scheduled transactions were created. I thought this was fine 
as they would be the same in each instance, so I clicked OK.

Now, hours later, after the initial saves have completed, I come back to 
compare the DBs.  First, I chose to exit the three copies of gnucash.  
Each of them indicated that I need to save my data or else changes from 
the last 10+ hours would be lost.  I assume this is related to the 
scheduled transactions.  Now, all three copies are taking a very long 
time to exit.  Since I can see postgres consuming cycles, it appears 
that a save really is in progress.

1. It takes far too long.  (I think it likely this will go away when 2 
is dealt with.)  Gnucash appears (from the duration of the operation) to 
be doing a complete save.  It will be tomorrow before I can check the 
DBs for consistency.
2. The scheduled transactions were created on opening the data file, 
prior to my selecting to save to a DB.  Therefore, no further saving 
should have been necessary.

I did not try creating any transactions manually, but I would expect 
them to be immediately saved to the DB, and not to ever see this dialog 
on exit when using a DB backend.


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