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David Reiser dbreiser at
Sun Jul 6 11:18:33 EDT 2008

Trying to download transactions via ofx direct connect from an  
investment account gets me an OFX error. Looking at the ofx.log file  
created by aqbanking, aqbanking is sending a an ofx request for  
<BANKMSGSRQV1> instead of <INVSTMTMSGSRQV1>. There is at least one  
error upstream in aqbanking. However, I think there is another error  
on the gnucash side.

One of the console messages is:
* 18:18:22 MESSG <gnc.import.aqbanking> gnc_ab_get_ab_account: No  
AB_ACCOUNT found for UID 108, trying bank code

The curious feature here is that the UID 108 is associated with the  
investment account as stored in ~/.banking/settings.conf  (the data  
store for aqbanking v2) instead of ~/.aqbanking/settings.conf (the  
data store for aqbanking v3). The correct UID should be 36. Even if I  
move ~/.banking out of the way, I still get the error. Is gnucash  
caching the settings.conf data somewhere?

David Reiser
dbreiser at

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