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Sun Jul 6 11:34:33 EDT 2008

Hi David,

On Sonntag, 6. Juli 2008, David Reiser wrote:
> <BANKMSGSRQV1> instead of <INVSTMTMSGSRQV1>. There is at least one

Maybe the account type isn't correct: Could you please inspect settings.conf 
(in $HOME/.aqbanking for aqbanking3), lookup the account in question and 
change the accountType variable from possibly "1" to "5"?

If this settings doesn't exist you'll have to add it manually (e.g. directly 
below "int uniqueId=xxx").

> The curious feature here is that the UID 108 is associated with the
> investment account as stored in ~/.banking/settings.conf  (the data
> store for aqbanking v2) instead of ~/.aqbanking/settings.conf (the
> data store for aqbanking v3). The correct UID should be 36. Even if I
> move ~/.banking out of the way, I still get the error. Is gnucash

You should have copied or moved $HOME/.banking to $HOME/.aqbanking. If you 
just re-initialized your account with aqbanking3 the accounts have new unique 
ids which obviously do not match the old id possibly stored in gnucash.

Maybe it's as easy as assigning a new account to the GnuCash account?


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