[PATCH] Python bindings (with much of the core api)

Mark Jenkins mark at parit.ca
Tue Jul 8 03:01:08 EDT 2008

> I hope it's fine for you to send patches based on what is now in gnucash SVN. 

We'll make it happen.

> Thanks a lot for this work!

Thank you for the commit, I'm excited. Now that I'm exposed to a larger
number of users and developers, I can look forward to a higher volume of
emails with bug reports, requests for documentation, and kudos. There
goes my summer!

Would it make sense to add a python bindings section in Bugzilla here:?

I would also like to give credit to Assiniboine Credit Union
(http://www.assiniboine.mb.ca Winnipeg, Canada), which has funded a good
chunk of our work on this through a grant they gave us in 2007.
Additional python binding work since between June 17 and December 31,
2008 is being funded by a second grant they gave us this year.

I've attached three patches, and would appreciate it if one and only one
of the three were applied.

All three of them change Jeff's email address from his gmail account to
his parit account. He was working on this on ParIT's time, ParIT's dime,
so this also acknowledges our contribution as an organization.
This change and only this change can be found in

To acknowledge Assiniboine Credit Union, I've attached
acu_credit_with_paritistas.patch, it adds to the Mark and Jeff lines in
"""Python bindings, with grant funding from Assiniboine Credit Union
(http://assiniboine.mb.ca/)""" .
I realize that this deviates from the style of the other entries in
AUTHORS, and will understand if it isn't an acceptable change.

As an alternative, acu_credit_separate.patch leaves the Mark and Jeff
lines untouched (except for the @parit.ca change), and gives ACU their
own line:
"""Assiniboine Credit Union <http://assiniboine.mb.ca> Provided grant
funding for Python bindings"""
This is probably a bad idea, as ACU isn't an author, so giving them a
line is semantically incompatible with a file named AUTHORS. Would work
if it were called CREDITS.


This is off topic, but you're probably wondering how on earth we
convinced a credit union to help pay for this. It helps that we have
more than python bindings on the brain, but ways to actually use them:
Expect more announcements on the above as we gear up..

We also pencilled in 30 hours this year for Jeff to inch the register
rewrite forward, send him you ideas..

The credit union wanted to know how our work could contribute to at
least one of the guiding principals of Social Inclusion, Economic Self
Reliance, Ecological Responsibility, or Community Building. We claimed
in our grant application that free software meets all four

Social Inclusion
Non-free software marginalizes everyone and disproportionately excludes
people with low incomes. Free software is inclusive and participatory;
all can use, all can share, all can change. Anyone can access free
software through disc sharing and if available, the Internet.

Economic Self Reliance
Free software users are not dependent on the original developer for
changes, nor likely to experience getting locked out of their own data
or be unable to incorporate changes in law. Improvements, as well as
software error fixes, can be made by local programmers getting direct
feedback from SME users.

Ecological Responsibility
Computer hardware turnover, and the problem of e-waste, is mostly due to
increasing resource demands from software. Free software is typically
developed to reduce hardware demands. ParIT develops and tests its work
on five year old computers, which encourages sensible resource usage.

Community Building
Free software is community infrastructure. Community minded individuals
are not forced to choose between respect for copyright and goodwill;
sharing of free software is permitted and encouraged. ParIT expects its
work to be widely copied, leading to the establishment of other local
support providers and community support networks. These situations
encourage further community co-operation for development.

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