weird SWIG syntax error with "inline" keyword

Mark Jenkins mark at
Tue Jul 8 18:09:14 EDT 2008

Christian Stimming wrote:
> By the way, one very weird error that I get with SWIG-1.3.31 and your 
> python/swig bindings is this:
> Turns out swig doesn't like the "inline" keyword at all of the places in the 
> <gnc-numeric.h> header. If I add the option
>   -Dinline=
> to the swig call (i.e. defining inline as an empty macro), swig runs without 
> error and the build continues just fine.

That bug was reported here:

and the fix made it into the 1.3.31 release here

I usually use 1.3.33, but I also had a copy of swig 1.3.31 lying around,
put it in my PATH and tried it

$ make -C src/optional/python-bindings/ gnucash_core.c
make: Entering directory
swig -python -Wall -Werror \
        -I../../../src -I../../../src/engine \
		-I../../../src/business/business-core \
		-I../../../lib/libqof/qof -I../../../lib/libqof/qof -o gnucash_core.c
make: Leaving directory

mark at carrot:~/parit-financial-system/new-svn-repo/gnucash/trunk-play$
swig -version

SWIG Version 1.3.31

Are you sure you have 1.3.31?

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